Architectural Review Board

The Architectural Review Board is comprised of five members each serving a three year term and regularly meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. The Board is empowered to review and deliberate on applications concerning the construction, reconstruction or alteration of any building or structure that affects the exterior appearance of the building and is visible from any public street. The members are committee are community volunteers that dedicate their free time to acting on this board.

The deadline for submissions to the ARB is 18 days prior to the meeting date for initial applications and 10 days for all subsequent submissions.

In addition, the Board is empowered to consider applications for certificate of appropriateness pursuant the Landmark and Historic District Act to determine whether the proposed material change will be appropriate to the preservation of the district or the landmark in view of the purposes of the Landmark and Historic District Act. In passing upon appropriateness, the Board takes into consideration the historical and architectural style, general design, arrangement, texture, material and color of the building component or sign involved and its relationship to other structures in the immediate neighborhood.

Board Members

Name Title
Jane Greenwood Chair
Valerie Kopelman Member
Monique Kozlowski Member
Stephen Mignogna Member
Patricia Pinckney Member
Brian McDonough Alternate Member
Sharon Bryan-Morgan Alternate Member