Board of Ethics

The Ethics Board was established to render advisory opinions and recommendations upon request of the Board of Trustees with respect to the Tarrytown Code of Ethics, Chapter 27 of the Village Code. They meet only when asked to render opinions by the Board of Trustees.

Their powers and duties include the following:

  • To prescribe and promote rules and regulations governing its own internal organization and procedures in a manner consistent with this Code of Ethics;
  • To conduct inquiries pursuant to §  27-11 of this Code of Ethics;
  • Upon conclusion of any such inquiry, to recommend that an officer or employee be disciplined for a violation of this Code of Ethics.
  • To grant certain waivers contained in the Ethics Code within certain parameters laid out within the Code.
  • To render advisory opinions with respect to the interpretation or application of this Code of Ethics upon written request by any Board, agency, individual Village officer or employee, or any applicant.
  • To review all interest disclosure statements submitted pursuant to §  27-6C, above
  • To make information concerning the Code of Ethics available to all Village officers and employees, to the public, and to any person who is interested in doing business with the Village.

Staff Contacts

Board Members

Name Title
Mary McGee Chairperson
Steve Kasoff Member
Joseph Hynes Member
Noah Zandmer Member
Andrea Taber Member
Paul J. Rinaldi Trustee Liaison
Mark Davies Member