Employment Opportunities

Since a vast majority of employment opportunities with the Village of Tarrytown are performed through Civil Service from account clerk to department head level positions, the Village does not post many notices on our website. Only when non-competitive (non-tested/non-civil service) positions open up that are not subject to Civil Service testing requirements do we make a public posting. 

Civil Service (competitive) opportunities, require that interested individuals take a Civil Service Examination. Westchester County periodically offers new exams. Each exam can be offered on a different rolling schedule based on numerous factors. For example, Police Officer exams are only given every 3-4 years while some other positions such as "Typist" may be offered on a more frequently monthly basis. Study Guides for the Civil Service exams can be found at the NYS Civil Service Commission

Following an exam, a "list" is published that must be used to hire a candidate. The Village may only choose from among the top 3 canidates for a position (note that the top 3 can be more than 3 persons if there is a tie score).  

Non-Competitive Opportunities (no test required).

  • Public Works jobs for Laborer, Motor Equipment Operator (truck driver), Mechanics and Foremen and other jobs are labor-class employees, and openings are subject to the collective barganing (Union contract rules) for first chance at openings.  Only when entry level positions are available do we post openings.
  • Administration and Finance jobs are performed through the civil service process, except for exempt executive/department head positions like Administrator, Treasurer and Clerk.
  • Part-time positions in Parks and Recreation are generally considered Non-Competitive. These include, camp/pool/recreation center attendant (front desk), part-time park laborer, lifeguard, etc.

Non-Competitive Opportunities will be posted when available on the side bar.

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