Tree Commission

The Tree Commission is comprised of five members, which includes the Building Inspector and Village Administrator. The three resident volunteer members each serve a three year term. The Commission is empowered to review applications currently pending before either the Zoning Board of Appeals and/or the Planning Board and issue recommendations to either board with respect to any aspect of the application which may impact trees, shrubs and/or related plantings.

Trees designated as protected may not be removed unless the Tree Commission determines, because of their condition, that they are a danger to persons or property or that they are diseased and cannot be saved. Pursuant to the Village Code, the following trees are protected: American beech tree; European beech tree; Eastern white pine; American elm; Ginkgo; Canadian hemlock; American sycamore; Littleleaf linden; and Larch.

This board meets the third Monday of the month at 5:30 PM. To join by Zoom, click here :

Board Members

Name Title
Anne O'Brien Member
David Aukland Planning Board Representative
Peter Bartlett Tree Warden
Martin Hauser Chair
Ron Tedesco Member