Planning Board

The Planning Board is empowered to review and deliberate on site plan and subdivision applications. The members each serve a five-year term, with no limit to the number of terms they may be appointed to. All members are volunteers from the community. 


The Planning Board meetings are as follows, unless otherwise specified or noticed by the Board:

Fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 pm - regular working meeting, at which time a review of applications will occur. Review of site specific applications and environmental issues will be discussed at these meetings.

Special meetings may be scheduled from time to time. These meetings are subject specific and may take the form of a work session or official meeting. The public and applicants on the agenda will be notified in advance when this type of meeting is scheduled.

In the event that the regularly scheduled Monday night meeting will not serve the purposes of a Planning Board meeting (i.e. holiday), the Secretary will announce a schedule change and issue a public notice thereof.

The deadline for submissions to the Planning Board is 18 days prior to the meeting date for initial applications and 10 days for all subsequent submissions.  Should the applicant wish to have a supplemental  submission reviewed at the work session, the submission should be submitted no later than the Monday prior to the work session.   

On the Monday prior to the meeting, the Planning Board agenda will be finalized. Applications will be scheduled on the agenda based on chronological order of submission.

Meetings begin at 7:00 pm. The Board shall not undertake review of an application after midnight. If an application does not appear before the Board on the scheduled agenda due to this time limit, such application(s) will automatically be postponed to the start of the next regularly scheduled meeting. Meetings generally last 2-4 hours.

All regular meetings are aired live at 7:00 pm the night of the meeting on Cablevision channel 78 and Verizon channel 28. They are rebroadcast on Cablevision channel 78 and Verizon channel 28 on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 2:00 pm and at 7:00 pm.

Board Members

Name Title
Lizabeth Meszaros Secretary to the Planning Board
Ronald Tedesco Chair
Stanley Friedlander Member
David Aukland Member
Joan Raiselis Member
Paul Birgy Member
Peter F. Gaito, Jr. First Alternate Board Member
Lissette Mendez-Boyer Second Alternate Board Member