Cannabis Zoning Map

The Board of Trustees is currently considering amendments to Chapter 305 of the Tarrytown Code, entitled “Zoning” to add new provisions regarding Cannabis Retail Dispensaries. Local Law 10-2022 would make cannabis retail dispensaries subject to site plan review and off-street parking requirements. The law would also limit signage on dispensaries to letters and numbers. As it stands cannabis dispensaries would only be permitted in the Restricted Retail (RR), General Business (GB) and Neighborhood Shopping (NS) districts. Under New York State law, cannabis dispensaries are not permitted within 500 feet of a school and within 200 feet of a place of worship. The map below indicates in green the districts in which dispensaries are permitted, and the red hashing indicates where dispensaries are not allowed within those zones due to the restricted areas around schools and places of worship.

Attached are the draft local law and a pdf version of the map.  

Cannabis Zoning Map revised