Alert for Asian Business Owners

Asian Business Alert

Information from the Tarrytown Police Department regarding a national crime trend that has recently impacted our Village:


The Tarrytown Police Department would like to inform you of a national burglary pattern that has seen an increase in activity. The Village of Tarrytown has recently been impacted by this trend with two burglaries.  The victims of these burglaries are all Asian American business owners.

The individuals committing these crimes target Asian American business owners by surveilling the owners, learning their patterns and burglarizing their homes while they are not home. In some instances business owners have had their vehicles broken into while others are followed home. This activity may take place over the course of a few days. These crimes are committed by several individuals acting together with on occasion one of them remaining in the business or outside of the owner’s residence acting as a lookout.

We are asking all Asian American business owners to share this information and remain aware of their surroundings.  A few tips we would like to offer are:

  • Keep your vehicle locked
  • Be cognizant of any cars in your neighborhood that aren’t normally there
  • Be aware of anyone who may be following you home
  • Think about how you secure valuables in your house
  • Consider motion sensor lighting around your home
  • Install cameras at your residence
  • Consider a home and business alarm system

The Asian American community should know that we are working with numerous partners in law enforcement to identify these perpetrators.  We encourage you to remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings. Do not hesitate to contact this Department or your local Department if you feel uneasy or see something suspicious.

Thank you

Chief John Barbelet

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